Saturday, December 20, 2008

Netflix on Xbox

So I absolutely love what they have done with Xbox and the new update that was installed. NXE, which included an update for Netflix instant play movies. I recently finished watching 30 Rock seasons 1 and 2. Love it! I do wish there were more current movies on instant, but there are some classics, such as Mad Max, Lady Hawke, and of course one my all time favorites Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man.

In fact, I just got done watching Meet Bill and it was okay. Bill was supposed to be a mentor for this kid, but the kid was more of a mentor to Bill. It was an only going to watch this movie once type movie.

Earlier today, my boyfriend and I braved the snow and went shopping. We went to Petco and bought some antlers and an elf hat to put on our dogs.... taking pictures of them is a work in progress. I hope to have something better to post tomorrow.

We also went to this store called Paint Away and we painted our 1st Christmas Ornament, which is going to be our tradition every year for the coming years. Technically this is our 3rd Christmas together, but we have not officially bought our "1st ornament."
The snow is insane! I saw on the news yesterday that it had snowed in Vegas. Isn't it supposed to be like 70-80 degrees there right now? I was in shock when I saw that. We have gotten a few more inches of new snow so far today and there is supposed to be a hige wind storm tonight. Hopefully we do not lose power if that happens.
That's all for today!

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