Friday, June 12, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo May 31, 2009

So we had fun yesterday at Petpalooza, but I was still in the mood to do something else. We decided on going to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was kind of overcast that day, but still fairly warm out.

It was a great day for the zoo. We saw most of the animals even if it was just for a moment. We had just missed the sun bear and the butterfly exhibit was not open, which was disappointing. I do have my favorites from the zoo though. Some of my favorites are the cats (tiger, lions, and leopards), otters, penguins, and the red panda.
We did see a lioness and the very top of the lion's head, as well as the tiger and the the leopards.
The red panda was one of the last animals we saw at the zoo and I had forgotten how adorable they are.
It was feeding time for the otters when we went by and only saw two of them. Kind of a bummer. Maybe when I go to the Seattle Aquarium I will be able to see more of the otters.
The new penguin exhibit was pretty neat. They have it built so you can see them swimming and sunbathing.
It was a fun day and on our way home we stopped at the Pita Pit, which I had just had for the first time the day before. I finally got to know the goodness that is Pita Pit. I like the Chicken Crave with Ranchaque (Ranch and BBQ sauces) or Ranch and Chipotle. Both were good. Why I didn't have this sooner I have no idea. I probably just didn't want to walk up to Greek Row when I was in school at WSU.


  1. I loved the Pita Pit at WSU, I didn't know they have em in Seattle....

    Jeremy Willis

  2. If you haven't had Pita Pit in the last week, you fail at life.