Friday, March 6, 2009

Haiku Friday!

Okay, so it is Friday and while I was on Facebook, I had an old teacher update her status with "Haiku Friday" and her friends commented with their haikus for the day! I loved the idea and I am going to take advantage of that and post mine on my blog! I hope others will join in and post theirs as well. So remember a haiku consists of 3 lines and syllables of 5-7-5. Stay tuned for the Next Haiku Friday!

A Sunny Friday
Blast! I have to go to work.
Sigh… Sunny Friday


  1. A full sink, dishes
    The floor really needs to be swept,
    My kitchen is dirty.

  2. Teaching yoga to
    moms and entertaining babes
    amazing morning.

  3. You must use the Force,
    fight against the evil Sith,
    and win the Star Wars!

  4. can't wait for girls night
    drink too much eat way too much
    and some trash talking