Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grease is the Word

Last night I saw Grease at the 5th Avenue Theatre. Growing up I was always a big fan of this movie and getting to see it performed live was awesome in itself. Although, I did see it performed as a high school play once, but still nothing can top a Broadway production of Grease. The only thing that bummed me out was Taylor Hicks, Season 5 winner of American Idol, has a part in the show as the Teen Angel. Well, apparently yesterday and today he was not performing and his understudy was stepping in for those two days. Sigh! I really wanted to see him perform. Taylor was definitely a favorite for me in the American Idol competition. He always had his special quirks and soul.

Taylor Hicks

Another favorite American Idol contestant was Blake Lewis. Blake came in 2nd place in the 6th season of American Idol. Blake is an amazing singer/songwriter/beatboxer. I am a fan because he is a local boy who was born in Redmond, WA, but I am also a fan because of his talent. He like, Taylor Hicks, has something special and unique about him. I got to see him perform live in Seattle outside Westlake Center and during which he performed with Sir Mix-a-Lot, which was quite entertaining.

Blake Lewis

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